Detection of financial risks and investigation of incorrect spelling crimes
Real-time monitoring of cryptocurrency entity dynamics
Tracking money flows and attributing them
Trustformer API for real-time detection of suspicious ML transactions, supporting monitoring, alerts, and Al-driven audits
With Trustformer KYT APl, you can configure policies for your app and analyze transaction risk and compliance in real-time
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Trustformer Blockchain Risk Control and Compliance Expert
Trustformer provides the world's leading KYT risk control system with a simple and clear KYT Trust Deck, comprehensive and easy-to-use KYT APIs, customized KYT Solutions for multiple scenarios.
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Risk control with Trustformer KYT can effectively and dynamically identify risky funds, risky transactions and risky addresses, help you or your users stay away from risky token such as money laundering and terrorist financing, reduce the risk of account contamination, and improve the effectiveness of your capital risk control and business operation risk control.
Trustformer Compliance uses an AI recognition system to capture the latest compliance policies in each country and region and update Trustformer global compliance intelligence in real time. Trustformer compliance experts help you quickly develop a compliance strategy that fits the region in which you do business.
Who we serve
We provide risk control and compliance services to exchanges, wallets, financial institutions, government agencies, OTC service providers, and individual investors involved in blockchain activities.
Trustformer services are currently available in over 30 countries/regions across North America, Europe, and Asia.
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Trustformer KYT monitors risk and threat alerts in real time
Trustformer has resolved 2B+ wallet, 39M+ contracts, and 39B+ transactions include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, BSC and Polygon, etc.
Median Verification Time
Risky Address Dataset
Risk Transactions dataset
Verifiable Active Token
Smart contract Analysis
Active Wallet
Trustformer products allow for
Pre-trade risk warning
Before initiating a transaction, Trustformer KYT conducts a risk scan on the target address and reports the risk level of the transaction. It helps users assess in advance whether the transaction carries any security risks.
Traceability of risks after transactions occur
After receiving funds of unknown address, Trustformer KYT can perform a risk scan on the fund source and store the traceability results as evidence. It helps users proactively identify potential risks and informs regulatory authorities about risk activities related to money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and other financial crimes.
Risk Management and Analysis
A variety of statistical data analysis models, from macro and micro multiple dimensions to grasp your risk control status and results, effective response to various types of risk, timely adjustment of risk control strategy.
Comprehensive, convenient API
Sanctions Screening, Illicit Transaction Identification, Fraudulent Crypto Financial Activity Identification, Hacking, Beneficiary Identification…
Flexibility in risk control and compliance for various business scenarios.