Detection of financial risks and investigation of incorrect spelling crimes
Real-time monitoring of cryptocurrency entity dynamics
Tracking money flows and attributing them
Real-time monitoring of cryptocurrency entity dynamics
Trustformer API for real-time detection of suspicious ML transactions, supporting monitoring, alerts, and Al-driven audits
With Trustformer KYT APl, you can configure policies for your app and analyze transaction risk and compliance in real-time
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Anti-Money Laundering Solution
Compliance drives rapid growth and sustained development. Providing safer and more compliant services helps new users establish trust quickly, offering a key competitive advantage in winning the market. Anti-money laundering measures for digital assets aim to prevent and detect money laundering and illicit activities in the digital asset space through intelligent technology and monitoring mechanisms.
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Background Story
AccordingWilson Sonsini report , in 2022, the total global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) fines amounted to nearly $5 billion, marking a significant increase of 53%. Cryptocurrency-related fines surged by over 90%, reaching a total of $193 million.
Wilson Sonsini official source
Many companies have had to pay hefty fines to regulators.
1. In January 2023, Coinbase faced a $100 million enforcement action from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) due to anti-money laundering failures. 2. Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX received the largest individual penalties totaling $30 million from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for anti-money laundering and other violations, targeting the three co-founders. 3. Bittrex, a cryptocurrency trading platform, was fined $29.3 million by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for violating multiple sanction regulations.
Leveraging expert compliance and risk management services proves far more cost-effective than incurring multimillion-dollar regulatory fines.
Our Services and Advantages
1. Comprehensive Intelligent Risk Management based on KYT and Custom AML Rules.
2. Enabling periodic review and updates of AML processes and rules to ensure compliance with current regulatory policies.
3. Real-time risk identification of client transactions, with automated monitoring and reporting of Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR).
4. Achieve precise risk control by configuring thresholds and conducting automated audits in accordance with localized AML policies.
5. Integrate seamlessly into your compliance workflow to increase productivity.
6. AML training conducted by compliance experts to ensure effective execution of strategies and procedures.
7. Combining KYT with KYC to support risk investigations and event attribution.
8. Complete transaction records are preserved to respond to audits and investigations.
9. Transactions can be reviewed and analyzed regularly.
10. Supports monitoring analysis and investigation of crypto tokens used for money laundering, NFT, DeFi and more.
1. Response to AML regulatory requirements, mitigate the risk of penalties.
2. Enhance brand reputation and earn customer trust.
3. Trust Deck visual tracking and analytics with a low barrier to use.